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A closer look at ATS's Gym Owner / Strength & Conditioning Coach CJ Appenzeller revealed that there is a lot more to "training" than simply lifting weights! He is taking ATS and his members to another level. ☑️

If CJ is not training athletes and/or adult classes, he is teaching at a local college. If he isn't teaching at a local college, he is working on programs for his athletes who train remotely with him. When he isn't writing programs, he is constantly finding ways to make himself, his gym and the people around him better! In a few weeks, ATS will begin its next class of interns who will work in the gym, attend classes at the gym and learn as much as possible in a real world setting about Physical Training, Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition as well as how to deal with athletes in a professional manner. The passion for health and fitness and building better athletes, better people, couldn't be more evident than what was revealed in this short video of CJ talking about something so basic, yet so important to the health and wellbeing of his members. Not only thinking of one member, however thinking of how he can impact his entire membership in a positive way and bring more value to them.

No, the video didn't shut off, we stopped it there to stress this....think about it, talking about sleep habits and nutrition with middle school, high school, college and pro athletes. Yes, the pro and college athletes, this should be something that is a part of their daily lifestyles. CJ takes it to another level as he stresses the importance with the toughest demographic to communicate with, the High School Athlete as well as the middle school athletes who attend the classes. 🤔

1 on 1 training or small group training, either way, CJ has cultivated a community of like minded athletes who want to be stronger, healthier and better people. You can tell by the passion and energy that is displayed before, during and after training sessions with his members. Working with athletes who may be recovering to athletes who are in excellent condition looking to push themselves to another level, ATS and their staff members bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to each respective athlete to suit their needs.

Community and work ethic is stressed from the moment you walk into the gym, or onto the field during an outdoor workout. Small group training sessions, 1 on 1 training up to and including full team and program training....Through it all, CJ & the Coaches at ATS not only show the athletes the "how to train", they explain the "why" so the athlete can eventually become their own best coach.

After speaking with CJ for about an hour it was clear, he is maximizing his time in every way to be the best person, trainer, gym owner and teacher he can be. He gave us a glimpse of a new website he is launching Click Here to Visit Website . The content is being created and will be fully functional shortly, however it's another project that CJ has put on his list of must accomplish. This is just another way ATS will connect with its members while providing valuable information to anyone who is interested about health and wellbeing.

If you are an adult looking to train, a pro, college or younger athlete looking to train or you are a parent seeking out a place for your son or daughter to train, ATS would be a great place to look into.

The Blue Collar Mindset that is instilled at ATS is evident by the community that has been built within the gym. Many of the athletes at ATS are baseball players, however more and more athletes from various sports and age groups have flocked to ATS due to the environment that has been created along with the reputation of being a place where the trainers push athletes to be the best they can be.


154 Cooper Street Suite 1603

West Berlin, NJ 08091

Instagram: @appyhour

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