Cole Campbell - Uncommitted 2022 Catcher - Continues to Impress through the HS Season into Summer!

Cole Campbell has been the player in the background with all of the spotlight on Chase Petty, arguably one of the best Right Handed Pitchers in the upcoming 2022 MLB Draft. Cole caught every game this year for Mainland High School in Southern NJ. He handled the entire pitching staff, to include Chase who has topped at 102 mph. Let that sink in for a moment. College pitchers range from mid to high 80's to mid to upper 90's. Cole has been catching Chase during every outing this season. With multiple professional scouts, GM's, cross-checkers and college coaches in attendance at every game this spring, Cole has continued to impress offensively and defensively.

With pop times recorded at a 1.8 / 1.9 consistently and and an average velocity to all bases of 83-85 mph, this puts Cole in the discussion with some of the best catchers in the 2022 class. Defensively, Cole blocks and receives as well as anyone is the 2022 class. Offensively, Cole is a right-handed batter with gap to gap power and has displayed HR power this summer.

With an upright stance, hands set lower with a short load to the ball, Cole has had continued success against plus pitching all high school season which has continued into the summer.

When asked about college and his plans for this summer season, he says, "I am connecting with college coaches who I feel I would be able to make an immediate positive impact to the program and be a key contributor on the team." That leadership mentality is something that has been consistent all year.

As the summer season heats up, Campbell is playing at East Cobb this week in Georgia and will be back in NJ with a full summer schedule to continue through the end of August, then into the fall with a September / October schedule.

In the 2022 Class, Cole is going to be an incredible pick up for a program looking for a leader behind the plate and in the dugout. With a GPA of 3.95, Cole will transition well both academically and athletically.

Cole is uncommitted. Please reach out to us if you would like more information.

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