Diamond Academy Scout Day Event

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

The Diamond Baseball Academy, King of Prussia, PA, have always been on the cutting edge of running camps and clinics while working with their players to find the right fit for them as they move on to college! From the younger age levels all the way to their high school teams, Frank and his staff have done an amazing job connecting with players at different ages and helping them develop their skills. With the help of MLB players such as Larry Bowa and Micky Morandini to name a few, Diamond Academy has always looked to add more value to their players and parents!

The Academy is hosting a Scout Day Event powered by True Recruits. With video becoming more and more important each season to the players as they look to connect with college coaches, True Recruits provides a valuable service to the Academy, players and parents. Frank and Vince decided a long time ago that they always wanted to provide more to the players. True Recruits is a platform where players can upload their own videos to their player profile, provide academic information as well as contact information for college coaches to have one place to look at a player. We provide a database of college coaches and links to the programs so that the players can reach out to colleges and take ownership of their college selection process.

We provide pro style workouts so that we can capture the right type of video that the college coaches have asked for. We schedule our events so the the players get more than just a 15-20 minute workout session. These Scout Events are not only for video, however we have college coaches on site to provide instruction and feedback to the players. When the workout is complete, the player will have a full video profile complete with academics, athletic metrics, video and contact information.

Many companies run showcases, camps, scout events or even small group workouts. All of these companies have their place in the recruiting world. It just depends on what you are looking for with respect to your son and his journey. Everyone is different and we try to take the time to allow players to have the best opportunity to workout, get solid, verifiable video while providing them the opportunity to connect with college coaches using our platform.

The Diamond Academy Scout Event will be held January 2, 2021 for Diamond Academy players only.


Sign up as a member to keep up to date with any events in your area. We will be hosting a Pitcher's Only Event at the Diamond Baseball Academy on February 15, 2021 which will be open to any and all uncommitted Pitchers who would like to attend. Over 20 colleges are planning to attend. (D2, D3 and JUCO Due to the Dead Period being extended)

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