How Important is Video in the college recruiting process?

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Every year, players move from 12U, the final year on the 50/70 field to the "Big Field". Now you watch your son play on a field that is huge, 60 foot pitching mound, 90 foot bases, and the 200 foot hits the would be home runs a week ago, are now pop ups to deep shortstop!! However you have planned for this. You are with a program that has prepared the team and your son for failure on the big field while being able to compete and battle each game! It is great to see the transition, and honestly, its not as bad as you thought it would be. Kids adapt and learn to play the game on the regulation sized field. So now what? Middle School? High School? Does your son have the ability to play in college. And no, I am not talking about a scholarship....I am just saying college, D1, 2, 3, or Junior College? What do you do now?

Do you start sending emails out to colleges....No You do Not!! That is up your son to do. Do you call college coaches? No you do Not!! That is up to your son to do after September 1 of his Junior Year.

So what do you do?? What can you do?? What can your son do?? One Word.....VIDEO! Your travel program should be well versed in taking good video of each player, sending it to colleges, posting it on instagram, twitter and facebook and helping your son get the exposure he needs. Wait...But this isn't happening.....The program only promotes a few select players. They don't promote your son, even when he does well....So where is the disconnect.

Travel programs have many things they are managing behind the scenes. They want to help the players. They often do help players get the exposure they need....but to say they help all of the players every time, every week, every game....that is unrealistic to expect.

True Recruits fills that gap. Scout events produce enough video to be uploaded to a personal video player profile to be used as a tool by the player to send to college coaches they would like to connect with. For a fraction of the cost of a major showcase or tournament, we create a video profile that grabs the attention of college coaches and provides the right information that they need to evaluate the player.

Book your workout and player profile today! We look forward to helping you in your college selection process!

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