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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

If you think that attending a showcase will ensure you are noticed by a college coach, think again. It is just a piece of the puzzle that young athletes need to put together in order to give themselves the best chance to find the right school for them. Players get invited all of the time to various events all over the country. The player will stretch, run the 60 yard dash, warm up, go through a brief defensive workout and depending on the event, play a few games. Pitchers will be featured in the games and players will rotate in the field and get a few at bats during the event. The reality is that if you do not stand out, you will be in the middle of the pack with the rest of the players. Does that mean the event was a waste.....No, not necessarily. You can use the event to see what you need to work on. How was your 60 time. If you are an outfielder and you run a 7.5 60, you need to continue to work hard on your speed. If you throw 75 across the infield, you need to work on your arm strength. These metrics should be used as tools for you to gauge where you need to be to go to a school that you are interested in. Use this experience to really focus on what you need to improve upon and work on, then find the right people to help you achieve your goals!! The trick is to go to the right events, at the right time that will show off your skills when they are actually ready to be showcased! Trust your HS and Travel coaches to tell you if you are actually ready to attend a showcase event.

So you do all of the work, you train, get faster, your arm is stronger, you are playing better than you every have. Now what? Another showcase? Possibly....however at this time you are most likely playing on your high school team and on a travel team as well in the fall and summer. Here it is....VIDEO....It can be that simple. Of course we didn't forget about your grades! You need to focus on your schoolwork so you will attract more schools who can recruit you since you will be able to get accepted to their school. But back to the videos...short, clear videos that show your skills on the mound, in the field, at the plate....Use your travel coaches and your HS coaches as references and ask them to help you connect with college coaches! DO NOT HAVE MOM AND DAD WRITE EMAILS TO COLLEGES FOR YOU! This is up to you. You need to reach out to schools you are interested in. Be realistic about your skills and ask your coaches their opinions as to the level of college baseball you may be able to compete at.

True Recruits was created to help the student athlete connect with college baseball coaches! One easy profile with up to date videos, academic information and contact information that college coaches can see....and the best thing about it is that you send it to them. We are not a recruiting service who is sending out mass amounts of emails to random schools. We take the videos of your workouts...we ensure your velocities are accurate before they are posted on our site, and we assist in promoting players on social media platforms so college coaches can see for themselves if they are interested or not. Player profiles and Scouting Events are just two ways that True Recruits can help a player connect with college coaches.

Seems simple right!! It can be, however it also can be overwhelming if you do not plan out what you want to do and surround yourself with people who will help you. A good travel baseball program will be honest with you about your skills, help you develop to improve your game, and assist you with connecting college coaches as often as you need....not just once in a while, when it's convenient for the program. This is a journey that your HS and Travel coaches should come along with you and help. Although it will be challenging at times, the reward is worth the work.

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