Program Spotlight - MAAC - Mid Atlantic Athletic Center

August 2018 was the beginning of the MAAC - The Mid Atlantic Athletic Center, however for Tom Johnston and his staff, this was not the start of a new program. Tom has been coaching, instructing and operating baseball programs for many years in the Southern NJ Area. After building up a strong following with the Mid Atlantic Show / Show Baseball in a smaller facility in Lindenwold, NJ, it was time to expand the footprint of the program to a facility that would allow the the teams and players to grow.

The Mid Atlantic Athletic Center was established to create an environment where players could learn the game at a young age, grow with the program and prepare for High School, College Baseball and beyond if their skills allowed them to continue to play. The MAAC is home to the MA Show Baseball Teams. In addition to the MA Show, the MAAC now has 4 women's Fastpitch Softball Teams, 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U. Tom and the MAAC is humbled by the growth of the program and thankful that so many parents have trusted them with the development of their sons and daughters through competition in baseball and softball. However the story is far from over.....anyone who has been involved with Travel Baseball in the NJ, DE, PA, MD, NY area is aware of a program that has been dominant over the years based out of the Southern NJ area, the SJ Warriors. Damon Suriano founded the program years ago and the teams have been competitive ever since their inception. When Tom moved the MA Show teams into the MAAC, there were now two large programs within a few miles of each other.

After a few meetings, it was clear that the two programs had the opportunity and the infrastructure to come together and offer an excellent competitive experience for athletes to continue to develop. The Mid Atlantic Warriors offer teams at the 7U-12U Levels and from there, the MA Show offer teams from the 13U-17U Levels. Currently the MAAC hosts approximately 24 Teams in addition to the 4 Fast pitch Softball Teams.

With a large indoor facility for hitting, fielding and pitching and the latest technology of Rapsado and Hit Trax, the MAAC has something to offer every athlete looking to improve their baseball / softball skills.

As the MAAC and their teams have grown, so has their staff. Adding coaches and trainers has allowed the MAAC to stay prepared for each winter training season as the players get ready to play their tournament and summer season schedules. To see a list of MAAC Staff Members, CLICK HERE

With the addition of the MA Warriors, Tom expressed that their philosophy is that they wanted to be able to offer something for every player and family. The MA Show will be a more National Product with more travel and exposure events with a focus on HS Preparation and College Exposure. The MA Warriors will focus on fundamentals and development at a young age with more of a local product, less travel and expenses while maintaining a high level of competition and larger tournaments when the opportunities present themselves. The one thing that will be consistent is the training. All teams and players will receive the same training, all conducted by the MAAC Instructors / Trainers.

The outlook for 2021 is bright. The teams are looking forward to getting back on the fields and enjoying their summer schedule and traveling. As the program continues to expand, look for 2 more teams to take shape in the PA area by the Fall of 2021.

To visit the MAAC website, CLICK HERE

In addition, if you are looking for an event with a pro style workout, complete with video, a player profile with verified data metrics from the event, recruiting tools and more, the MAAC is hosting a Spotlight Event powered by True Recruits on February 14, 2021 for uncommitted players in the 2021-2024 classes. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

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