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Ryan Weingartner is focused on helping the Hawks be a prominent force in the Atlantic 10 Conference.

From a Hermit ➡️ Hawk….

Ryan Weingartner has had a fair amount of baseball success through his high school career at St. Augustine Prep. HS in Richland, NJ, Home of the Hermits. He started all 4 years on a team that was in the State Championship the last 4 years. Player of the Year by the Press of Atlantic City with numerous awards and accolades during his 4 years.

Glory Days - Diamond Classic Champions

Press of Atlantic City - 4 years of Baseball

Press of Atlantic City - Player of the Year

Weingartner graduated from St. Augustine Prep in 2022 and committed to attend St. Joseph's University to continue his academic and athletic career. When you arrive on campus at college, that is all in the past and your new team wants to have players that can contribute, who are good teammates and who will compete every practice, every game.

Weingartner has been able to contribute early during his freshman season, playing as a second baseman (2B) and shortstop (SS) for St. Joseph's University. With 45 hits and a current batting average of .331, Weingartner's talent at the plate is undeniable. He has recently broke the Freshman Homerun Record, hitting 9 homers so far this season and doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

SJU 2023 Baseball Stats

Weingartner's power at the plate, coupled with his exceptional speed and agility, make him a formidable opponent for any team. As a second baseman, he is known for his baseball IQ, speed and the ability to make plays, while his skills as a shortstop make him a reliable infielder who can make plays and contribute to the team’s overall defense. With 6.5 speed, Weingartner possesses the tools that may put him on a path to play at the next level in the future.

2 Homerun Day at Richmond

With his impressive performance on both offense and defense, it's clear that Weingartner is a asset to the team and one of the top freshman in the Atlantic 10 Conference. With his talent and work ethic, he is determined to help St. Joseph’s become a top ranked team not only in the Atlantic 10 but within all of NCAA Baseball.

SJU Baseball Schedule

The things that are most important to Weingartner is being the best teammate he can be while being a leader on and off of the field. He has set high goals for himself and has the work ethic and support of his coaches, Fritz Hamburgh, Ryan Wheeler, Pat Brown and Lee Saverio who all push him to be better each and every day to achieve those goals.

He has recently been assigned to the Elizabethton River Riders in the Appalachian League based in Tennessee where he will play baseball this summer.

Elizabethton River Riders Schedule

Weingartner says the goal every year is an Atlantic 10 Championship for the Hawks and to extend their season into the summer!

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