The Recruiting Process - Where To Start

High School Teams, Travel Teams, Showcase Events, College Camp Events....where do you even begin when it comes to getting yourself on the radar of college coaches? Here are a few things to remember when you are starting the recruiting process...

Where to start:

Focus on your grades - Sounds simple but this is one of the easiest ways to get crossed off the coach's recruiting list.

Strength and Conditioning - If you cannot compete with older players, run, hit, throw and be able to sustain a 50 plus game schedule, your body will begin to break down and you will not be able to compete at a high level on the field. Do not assume every strength and conditioning coach is the same, because they are not! Find someone who has trained baseball players and can't tell you "why" you are doing the exercises they are recommending. CJ Appenzeller @appyhour (instagram) is the best in the business. Education, energy, results...definitely someone who can help you with your journey either in person or through remote training.

Video Profile - This is where we can help. When you go to a showcase event, the more well known ones will take video and your metrics, give you a grade and put your videos on your profile. The cost will range from $300 - $900. You have to attend an event to get video on your profile.

With true recruits, you can create a FREE PROFILE...NO COST...FREE TO GET STARTED. If you are interested in uploading your personal game and training videos, cost will range from $150 - $300. We will work with you to determine what your best option is as you get started. You can also attend an event with True Recruits and we will take your metrics and get video of your workout to post to your profile. Cost will range from $200 - $350. Once you attend and event you will be able to send personal training or game videos to us to post to your profile. Once you create a free profile, go to the search players page and you will see your profile!!

In the summer...our staff will come to you at your local on one, and take video of your workout. Cost is $200 for a personal workout and video profile. Follow us and message us on Instagram if you are interested!! You must create a free profile to get started.

It is free to get started!!

Click Here To Create Your Free Profile

At every game, get video! Ask a friend or family member....take video through the fence, no obstructions so it is clear. Use these videos to put on your video profile!

Teams & Events:

  1. High School Team - Playing for your school is something you will remember long after you graduate and are finished playing. Use this time to develop into a leader on and off of the field. Work on your skills at practice everyday and compete with your classmates. Depending on your high school, this may or may not be the best competition you have played, however if you intend to play baseball past high school, your development at the high school level is very important.

Do not listen to people who tell you that HS does not does! If you are going to play in college, there is a very good chance that college coaches will call your high school coach to see what type of person you are. Are you a good teammate? Do you work hard in practice everyday? Are you a leader? What is your family like? Don't think that they are not asking questions about things outside of baseball....they want to know who they are recruiting.

  1. Travel Team - As you move into the summer, where your travel team plays tournaments is very important. Your team should be playing in tournaments like the PG WWBA World Series Events in Florida and GA. You should look at PBR Lakepoint or midwest events to get a feel for what competition outside of your state looks like. These events will have college coaches attending, especially when your games are at the main complex of these venues.

Your coach should have printed rosters to give to college coaches during these events. You should talk to your travel coaches and let them know what schools you are interested in so they can help you connect with them. BUT WHAT IF THEY DON'T HELP?? Ultimately, it is up to you...scroll back up, create a free profile and begin to help yourself with a video profile so you can connect with college coaches. It is free to get started!!

  1. Showcase Events - Are they all about the money or do they help??? If your family has the money to send you to these events, and you want to go for the experience, to see how you stack up against the competition...then go and enjoy yourself, compete and see how you do. Don't let others tell you not to go. If you can and you want to attend, go. BUT....keep this in mind, if you are in 9th grade, run a 7.5 60, throw 80 across the infield and cannot drive the baseball when you hit, college coaches are not going to be looking your way.

Keep your expectations in check when you decide to go. These events can help put you on the radar, however it is important to understand what you are getting into and what you are paying for. Most of the time, you will run the 60, get 6 ground balls, 15-20 swings during batting practice and play 3 innings in each game (2-3 games). If you are a pitcher only, you will pitch in one game, possibly 2 depending on the amount of pitches you throw. As you get older, you will only throw in one game. These weekends, depending on where you travel from and to, can cost a few thousand dollars with travel costs. If you

  1. College Camps - This is one of the best ways to see a college campus, meet the coaching staff and go through a workout in front of people you may want to play for in the future. You will get the compete experience and be able to decide if you actually like the school. Then you can see if the college coaches are interested in you and if you are a good fit for their program. Most of these events are well run and worth the money.

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