What should you be doing now to connect with colleges?

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

  1. Keep your grades up. Many schools cannot recruit you if you have poor grades.

  2. Hit the gym!! You are never working out as much as you should be. Stop playing video games or sitting around all day and get to the gym, work out and put on additional muscle and size.

  3. Put on the running shoes. If you are a position player, you should be working on your speed!! Find the right program that results in an increase in your speed for the upcoming season.

  4. Swing the bat!! The off season is when you work on your flaws, make some changes and get ready for the upcoming season.

  5. Long Toss, Rest, Long Toss and repeat...Then get together with your pitching coach and work on improving your velocity, command and pitch selection for the upcoming season.

  6. Be realistic about your ability....target colleges that may be a good fit for you. Do your research on the schools. Do you have the academics to get into the college. Can you compete at that level athletically to get onto the field.

  7. Clean up your social media accounts. College coaches will take you off of their list if they see you are a mess on social media. Be Smart!

  8. Get video, video and more video of you making improvements in the off season. As a pitcher, your bullpen sessions are so important. How is your command? Are you making jumps in your velocity. Have you put on some size from your training? All important for colleges to see in video.

  9. Make it easy for colleges to see your workout video, academics, schedule and in game videos. TRUE RECRUITS has the platform for players to have workout / showcase videos as well as the ability to upload their own game videos to their profile!

  10. Be Relentless...It doesn't matter where you play...It matters how you play the game. Keep pushing yourself and make sure you send the videos (no more than 30-45 second clips) to college coaches with a very simple sentence or two letting the coach know you are interested in their school and what makes you different!

  11. Had to give a bonus one for this post.....Don't give up. You are going to fail. That is part of the game...Have a positive attitude, good body language and be a good teammate!! College coaches are always watching and they will ask what type of teammate you are. The little things matter! Good luck!!

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