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True Recruits Pro

True Recruits Pro

The Pro Subscription allows you to upload up to 8 videos per month to your player profile.  You will also receive exclusive information and recruiting tips in our members news letter! 

  • Video Uploads

    1. Videos can be no longer than 30 seconds. 
    2. Videos cannot contain explicit language or music.
    3. All Videos will be reviewed and posted to the Players Profile and True Recruits YoutTube upon approval.
    4. If the quality of the video is not up to our standards, we will notify the member and request a new video or photo to be used. 
  • Cancellation Policy

    Subscription can be cancelled at any time.  

    1. Provide 30 days notice for cancellation by emailing:    
    2. Your photo and video content may be removed from your profile upon cancellation. 
    3. There are no refunds for cancelling your subscription. 
Price Options
True Recruits Pro
$99.00every year until canceled
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